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Title: Second Season
Series: Supernatural
Pairing: none
Timeline: Though Late Season 5. Follows The End
He's on south 27, and in farm country. Empty fields stretch out on either side, a scattering of trees off to the left, branching whipping in the wind. Winchester, Indiana 8 miles.
He shakes his head, slumping to rest his forehead on the wheel. "How about that Sammy...."

The world really does end. But with The End comes a new beginning.

Disclaimer: Kripke might be sharing his sandbox this season, but i'd probably still be shot for trespassing.

The lines blur; yellow and white staining into each other, tinting black around the edges.  )
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Rating: pg
Pairing: established john/mary, otherwise gen
Timeline: AU wee!chesterfic - 1983
Disclaimer: I'm just playing in Kripke's sandbox while he's in his home sleeping. I promise to put them all back before he wakes up =^.^=
Summary:... Cobra Bubbles.... I'm just throwing it out there - that man is freaking awesome... anywho - back on topic
The Winchester's have no children of their own. Due to a botched abortion five years ago - Mary Winchester will never bear her own child. So when John gets a phone call from a social worker in Massachusetts about the death of his second cousin - he and Mary find themselves taking in the woman's infant child.

*Title is referencing the song Dandelions by Five Iron Frenzy

short starting point for another epic fic that i don't have time to write, but will try to anyway )

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assorted rambles )

_ Dean is *not* the true vessel for michael - adam is. John and kate miller's child was always to be the archangel's vessel. Mary's child was always doomed to be a demon pawn. but someone sent the cupids down to make sure the True Will was carried out, and not the meddlers from either side. Dean was created to be everything he's become. He filled his role in his destiny perfectly. He was God's gift to sam - His apology for the trials he would endure, and sam's anchor when the world turned against him.

_ Castil sacrifices his grace to permanently purge Sam of the demon blood, rendering him useless to lucifer.

_ Sam and Dean deaged - Castiel must now drive them cross country to Bobby's. And the will be hell to pay if he scatchs the paint.

_ Alistair traps Dean in his own mind during the Anna showdown.

_ dean started the apocalypse not becuase he took up the knife - but becuase after 10 years of torturing others, he broke - and begged to be allowed back on the rack. the moment he was cut back into - that his tainted blood flowed - his soul lit up like a beacon. Every one in all of Hell could feel him, and the angel who'd be watching in morbid curiosity took that as a sign from God Himself. His supious would question his choice - they murmur that he's been wrong - and some would even keep looking. But even if this soul was not the sword of Michael - Castiel knew a righteous man when he saw it - and he would never forget what he witnessed. Even if no one else bothered to remember.

_ Sam's body is destroyed once lucifer is down with it. Castiel never cam back. Dean has never felt so lost. But - in the crumbling city, as he unburings his car - Dean hears a cry. there - protected from falling buildings by the impala's metal fram - is an infant. dark unruly hair peaking out from where the babe is wrapped tenderly in a tan trenchcoat. It breaks Dean's heart to forge his baby's brother's birth certificate. he actually sobs openly when he looks at the spots for parents names and knows he can't write out the truth. How is he suppose to do this again? how can he possible raise sammy all over again - this time without dad? Dean looks at the paper, and wonders how he can possible strip away the only two people who could of possible loved sam more then himself? how he could pretend they weren't involve in creating sam?

_ Christine!Impala (i seriously don't think i could ever write it... i love that car too much...)

_England had Robin Hood. Missouri's got Jesse James. Lawrence has Dean Winchester. Outsiders just don't understand how much Winchester and his gang do for not just the town - but the whole of the state- and then some. But that's okay - because Lawrence doesn't have just one Winchester son fighting for them - but two. And Samuel Winchester's just about the finest lawmen this side of the Mississippi. But when Uri and Cas - Dean right and left - hear of something stirring, the gangs gotta go north, outside Samuel long arm of acquaintances to quiet it back down - and hopefully not get themselves all a one way trip to the gallows for their troubles.

_Castiel l'Angelo is a detective - working to bring down one of the big mob bosses in is town. shame the winchesters are so good at keeping clean. But when the mob's have a showdown - And Castiel and his crew team up with the detectives working on bringing the Lucifer family down - Castiel finally has what he needs to lock up the oldest winchester son. a room of torture  - blood everywhere and just the one man standing and a few dead bodies. .... but as the trial goes one - one of the tech;s pull him aside. all that blood was winchester's. not a single print of his was one the weapons. .. that dean winchester nearly died from his injuries after the arrest. Castiel finds his world tossed on end as he watched the side he's on knowingly charge an innocent man of murder.


_ Sammy's family is pretty messed up. but only now are those odd differences starting to add up, and what a terrifying portrait has been painted. He hows to now find away to escape from his father, and keep not only himself, but his newly discovered brother, safe. He swallows over that.... brother. he'd known him all his life - the beautiful soft warmth that he'd always believed to be his mother. But now he can see Dean in the mute, pregnant teenager, and he's going to pull out all the stops, and call up any contact he can find. he's not going to let this go on - not that he can finally see what's really happening. Posted as "GRIMM"

_ John Winchester was murdered by a group of wayward angels hoping to jump shatter Azazel's plans before the got starts. Problem was - he still came calling, Mary's boy was too old, and they both burned that night. Now a mute, disfigured orphan has to make his way alone in the world. He might be quite, but there's no way he's gonna sit passively by on the sidelines when the world ends. Realising he might be useful, the angels send two of there own to protect him. Unfortunately, neither Uriel, nor Castiel had any idea what dealing with a Winchester could be like, and ultimately follow him to the end - looking for a chance to reset this horror at ever step. posted as Take a sad song

_ it was a trap, and they all should of had the sense not to walk into it. But now Sam and dean have to face down lucifer on there own. at the breaking point - castiel saves them - at the cost of his life. No car, no friends, no family, Sam leaves the broken body of his brother in the wreck of the only home he's known, and screams to the heaven's until micheal takes notice.  still be cleaned up here

_ Dean's being used against sam to force his hand - and he's jsut not cool with that. Dean folding in - he's using the only trump card left - Micheal. Nobody counted of Castiel being the middle man of that deal though - and tagging along for a ride. Dean's body can't contain that much power, but castiel, using his grace, keeps Michael from burning though the hell-riddled soul. Gabriel arrives in the aftermath holding the filching flame of two weak- but bonded souls. the body's soon grow around them, leaving the trickster and the devil's meat suit with two infants.

_ Dean gets misplaced. Sam has to deal with an untrusting 10 year old from the past, while his brother tries to find a way to contact him from 1989

_Mary Winchester never told her husband she was pregnant. They weren't ready for children at the time - and she didn't know what that monster had meant - and she wasn't going to endanger her family unwittingly. She and John where going to wait until after the 10 year mark. Just to be safe. So John never knew. She never wanted to tell him either. Until - after the deal came due, and they were in the clear - she couldn't get pregnant again. The doctor said there was scaring. Abortions in '78 weren't always ... safe. She was devastated. that's how Sam Wessen - the son of john's late second couisn - came to life with them, seeing as john was the only living relative the infant had left. But what about Dean Smith - a young, troubled ward of Kansas State- and his strange teenage friend Cassidy fit into all this? started here

_ If sammy wanted to go off and be joe normal, than Dean Winchester was gonna move heaven and hell to make sure his brother got just that. and if that means making his own shady deals to find out where the yellow-eyed man is, and how to kill him - and how to keep more monsters from targeting his little brother - than so be it. John just wishes he could of found out the plan before his oldest son sold his soul. started here

_ John went to bed with Mary that night - didn't stay up watching late night movies. No one was there to stop the yellow-eyed man. That doesn't mean no one wasn't up to see. Four year old Dean is frightened into a terrible deal, and has ten years to come to terms with something most adults can't figure out. As his family grows, and time passes - there are no monsters exept the ones he sees. At 14, he walks away from his family after telling sam happy birthday - and is never seen again. It takes Sammy twelve years to find out what happen - disturbing visions leading him to where a crossroad king and a trickter hold his brother's body in limbo. and the hellhound who still holds his soul standing guard. it seems that to save his brother - he has to doom the world. started here
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Title: Take a Sad Song
Dated: March 2010
Genre: Alternate Reality, let-beat-up-Dean universe ( i like to write those ^^; )
Rating: PG
Pairing: past John/Mary
Disclaimer: Chamael's behaviorism are mine... that's about it. The rest belong to Kripke.
Warnings: there will be character death. uh.. lots of it. Mostly non graphic, but this is supernatural for crying out loud. Everyone dies.

Mary held her son close, running a gentle finger along his arm while he curled up against her, sleeping soundly. )
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Story Ideas:
prompts i've been tossing around in my head for a while... If they give you inspiration, let me know.. most will be San/Zo-centric

attempted once.. would like to re-write
> Mihawk falls in battle ( the most un-worthy of deaths/defeats - not sure if killing him is what i want, but at least maiming him to the point his career is over) making Zoro the greatest by default...

> Strawhats are captured, and part of the crew is chibified. the catch - the man with the devils fruit power that can do such a thing - is a pedophile. Likes to chibi nami, ussop and zoro, and a partial chibi on robin

> High school AU, because I'm a sucker for them. Sanji playing of the varsity soccer team, and zoro come to watch his game. he feel awkward for coming, so he stands off to the side, away from the crowd. when the fans rush the field after the win, he goes to leave, and sanji spots his as he walks away.

> Street AU, Kuina is the 'boss' of a raggy group of orphans on the back streets of a big city. Zoro, JonYos, human(?)Chopper and Rika/Rita (can't remmebr her name) are part of her group. Shanks is a nice man, tough poor in his own rights, who opens his home up to orphans and run aways. D's, coby, Ussp, nami live there. Sanji is an orphan living in the attic of a restaurant. Robin is a high school student. Vivi and kaya also to be mentioned.

> Strawhats get captured. Nami awakens last, and notices that while they are loosely guarded, Sanji and zoro are not present. Ussop explains the position they are in: they are free to go, but Zo and San must stay. Sanji made the mistake of letting this tribe know that he was a great cook, world renown, and they want him to cook for them. Nami doesn't quiet understand. Ussop explains farther. This tribe - they are cannables.

>Sanji's captured, and after a tense showdown, his captee mutilates his hands. followup on the crew

>Sanji finds a beaten, raped woman lying naked in a puddle, down a dark alley. Out of respect, he won't look at her face/body as he wraps her in his jacket, and tasks her to chopper.... So why does the little scars on her ankles seem SO familiar? .. AN: will NOT be a romance fic, but a gender/identity realization/crisis featuring mostly san and Zo

> another capture idea! the bounty hunter begin to learn, and take them seriously. with zoro's arms, and sanji's legs broken, there's not alot of options left... but what happens to the crew when they find out someone's cashed in on the bounty?

writen once.. would like to re-write
> I love the idea of future divorced!Sanji with kids, and jobless!Zoro as their new babysitter.... no romance - showdown between tashigi and zoro - but tashigi with wado and zoro with Sandai

> strawhats as animals! (always a favoite) really want to do a short piece with sanji as a duck, and zoro as a shark... but something uber dorky.. like a pet store shark (only one i can think of right now is the Rainbow Shark) Might do as art work instead....

>Anyone watch mythbusters? specifically the episodes where they where testing different ammo to shoot out of a cannon on Mr. Pirate Pig? Yeah.... remember the tightly packed knives, and then the repeat test with the nails?  Apply that to One Piece... i think 'balloons,' kicks, and blades might be at a slight disadvantage to thousands of flying metal shrapnel flying at you
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Dated: July 2007
Genre: uh.. Alternate Reality?
Rating: PG-13.? - R later on...
Pairing: None yet
Disclaimer: .... yeah - One Piece would be a lot shorter if i owned it...
Warnings: this isn't even what i was planning on writing today! i mean it was.. i just didn't plan on this part being so long! i was sitting down to type out what happens .. after the end! i didn't even get to what i was going to type about....
Blame: not really her fault persay, but all blame goes to luco_millian again, and her happy wonderful spam posts last week.... the muse has once again been conceived because of her :P


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