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At this point, nothing is friend-locked, so you don't have to worry about permissions. Still, it would be nice to know if people are indeed reading, and since I imagine many are like me in the lurking sense, watching helps me know if anyone cares. Reviews are ALWAYS loved, but I understand when it doesn't happen.

right now - this is pretty much just supernatural. some old oneshots from old fandoms got mixed in. but ALOT of these are unfinished whatnots
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The family is the test of freedom; because the family is the only thing that the free man makes for himself and by himself.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
chapters under cut )
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| Rated R | IN PROGRESS |
started Dec. 2009
Sam knows something is wrong with his family. He just didn't realize how wrong.
A dark tale of how a lost John delved into things he shouldn't of to try and fix his shattered life. Now, years after the fact, a troubled Sam starts to put the pieces together on unwrapping the horrible secrets about his quiet, tormented mother and discovers humans are still the scariest monsters of them all.

Genre: Alternate Reality, hurt comfort
Rating: R. There are underage themes to this - but it's mostly kept in the background
Pairing: John/Mary, John/underageGirl!Dean
Disclaimer: i stole this idea from a kink meme (kinda....) so i can only lay claim to how it plays out. nothing else is mine.

WARNINGS (Spoilers for fic)
Girl!Dean, OOC!John, underage sex, pregnancy, child-abuse, spousal-abuse, statutory rape

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chap. Three

September 10th, 2010
Doodle for BG fic

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Title: Take a Sad Song
Genre: Alternate Reality, let-beat-up-Dean universe ( i like to write those ^^; )
Rating: PG/ PG-13
Pairing: established John/Mary
Disclaimer: Chamael's behaviorism are mine... that's about it. The rest belong to Kripke.
Warnings: there will be character death. uh.. lots of it. Mostly non graphic, but this is supernatural for crying out loud. Everyone dies. Except Bobby, but i'm looking at the summary for eppie 515 and thinking it might change. For this story - i kinda blame the terminator movies to an extent. Namely the first one and the fourth one. And while if might not be obvious why - it's all Kyle and Marcus' fault.

Prologue | 1 | 2

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AU Animal!Crew Story - R || Part two
Written July 2007
A world of humans, and animal-cross breeds, with the crew scattered out in all races

Untitled Death Fic - PG13 -
This is mostly likely my best piece! If you can't decide what to read, read this one!
Written Jun 2007
Whole crew, with focus on Sanji and Zoro. As the 'title' tells you, this is a death fic.

Scar Thoughts
Apr. 9th, 2007
Usopp muses over the scar Buggy gave Zoro

First Story
Written Jan. 2007
Chopper and Zoro are lost at sea - and Zoro has to make a deal with scum Marines to ensure Chopper's safely

November 18, 2006
It's cold. It's too cold to hurt anymore. Sanji and Zoro.

Medieval AU Part 1 and Part 2

Dec. 2006
the Prince meets Lady Kuina and her Swordsman; Lady Kuina tells them of her death

Unwritten Ideas

Alive in Sleep

September 21, 2006
Kuina and Zoro

Frozen Sketch

Oct 9, 2006
Illustration that inspired short drabble

Frozen Coloured

 November 18, 2006
Coloured Illustration for a short drabble.

Chibi Chopper

 January 25, 2007
TonyTony Chopper as a Human wunderkin


May 18, 2007
Kitties Sanji and Zoro


May. 22nd, 2007
Sanji's tail just makes the perfect pillow


January 18, 2008
sanji as a mer from my own stories

Coloured Scan
January 18, 2008
Coloured image from a doujinshi I have
February 01, 2009
Sanji and Zoro.
Never What I Wanted
October 22, 2009
Kuina and Zoro
 Happy Halloween X-Over

October 31, 2009
One Piece Represented


Seattle, WA April 1-4th


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