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Author: Sentra04
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R
Characters:  Sam, Dean
Pairing: Gen
Warning: I haven't decided yet when in the timeline this takes place.... Let's get though the hiatus and then maybe season 7.... I'm still struggling on where i want to have this in Leviathan world or not.

Disclaimer and Notes:First time crossposting on DW and LJ... *fingers-crossed* Since this is just an intro, i dont' want to give anything away yet but telling what the story is very loosely based off of.
The dog's breed was hard to pick.. I was almost going to go with an elkhound or bear dog from europe... but i know the akita breed better so i went with what i knew. Maybe, as it goes, you will disagree, but that what i went with. Title will be explained later on.

Sam still remembers that first day. Not the night before... But that following day. )

Take Three

Nov. 30th, 2011 01:35 am
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Take Three
Author: Sentra04
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R
Characters: Crowley, Castiel, Edgar, Dick, Meg, Sam, Dean, and some others?
Pairing: Gen?
Warning: Slight spoilers for season 7. If you dun know who the boss of the big bad is - or you' never watched dean eat/make love to a turducken - then dun read?
Disclaimer and Notes: I like this idea - i just can't write it to where i'm satisfied. Seriously.. this is like.. the third time? Posting at least. Got a few dozen in my notebook. I just need more black-eyed Dean. The array that is in here is one i designed for a completly different story... that is just like this, but never typed.

at least once ever few months - i write the same story.... ^^; sorry )

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not as not work safe as the last, Also not finished... it's just 5am and i should sleep before i have to get up for work ^^;image )

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Supernatural Card Deck
JackP. JimRufusVictorGabriel
Yellow EyesCrowleyAlistairLillith
(Doubles -
Should I?, Shouldn't I?)
S. Mills
Grandpa & Co
Sam, Deanna,
Mark, Gwen, Christian
Other Gods
Oden, Kali, 
Mercury, Ganesh
Ed, Harry,
Corbit, Maggie, Spruce
Special Kids
Max Miller, Andy, Scot Carey, Ava, Lilly, Jake Talley
St. Cemetery
L. Kansas
Singer's Auto YardCafe, DetroitStanford, CA
(and their cars)
Samuel / ColtBooks / R. SaltS.Off / ShovelD. Knife / Blood
Amulet / D. Trap
Black Joker
Nick & Sam Luci
Red Joker
Michael & Raphael

Others to consider:
Walt/Roy, Jesse, Brady, Carmen, Rumsfeld, Bela, Layla (and co.), Garth. Amelia / Claire

Other Idea - SPN Monster (of the week) Deck

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look.. i'm posting something....

so... this is what happens when you spend the night looking at alchemic arrays when trying to write spn fic, while doodling pics for said fic, and googling catholic exorcisms.... I think it's shiny =^.^=

i have a couple things outlined... but i'm a terrible, terrible person, and havn't been working on building them up enough to post.....

I'm sorry...

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Author: Sentra04
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R
Characters: Crowley, Castiel, Bobby, Meg, Sam, Dean
Pairing: Gen. Squint for Dean/Cas?
Warning: Slight spoilers for 6X22.
Disclaimer and Notes: I actually don't like the song "I Am the Walrus" but there's a line in here that popped into mind when watching 'Across the Universe.' Title from a comment Lennon made about having not at the time realizing the walrus was the bad guy. Supernatural will never belong to me - but i will still continue to sneak into the sandbox after hours.

Crowley's not the type to beg - he's more the run away to fight another day - but once backed into a corner - he's still not the kind of creature to roll over. He fights - dirty - and he's always come out ahead. )

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Author: Sentra04
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: G
Characters: Sam and Dean
Pairing: gen
Disclaimer: Kripke might be sharing his sandbox this season, but i'd probably still be shot for trespassing. Title by [ profile] hikaru_9 

He's so enraptured with the hot water, that he almost doesn't hear the door open. )
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Series: Supernatural
Rating: G
Pairing: none
Timeline: WAY AU. WAY WAY AU. Part of a bigger idea.

Disclaimer: Kripke might be sharing his sandbox this season, but i'd probably still be shot for trespassing.

Roy stepped carefully, mindful of the game of tag being played though his kitchen.  )


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The family is the test of freedom; because the family is the only thing that the free man makes for himself and by himself.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
chapters under cut )
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Title: Second Season
Series: Supernatural
Pairing: none
Timeline: Though Late Season 5. Follows The End
He's on south 27, and in farm country. Empty fields stretch out on either side, a scattering of trees off to the left, branching whipping in the wind. Winchester, Indiana 8 miles.
He shakes his head, slumping to rest his forehead on the wheel. "How about that Sammy...."

The world really does end. But with The End comes a new beginning.

Disclaimer: Kripke might be sharing his sandbox this season, but i'd probably still be shot for trespassing.

The lines blur; yellow and white staining into each other, tinting black around the edges.  )
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Series: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: none
Timeline: Mid to late season 5. Was thinking season 6, but i'm not sure of the season enough yet to write in it.
"I was the one who took up the knife. I was the one who let myself be Alastair's little whore." The smirk that followed nearly made Sam puke, "I was the one who enjoyed myself down there. I cut into all those souls - I devoured all those in pain and I loved it all."
Winchester's don't sit ideally by- they walk their own damn selves out of Hell. Just... sometimes they don't come back quite as right as is expected.

Disclaimer: Kripke might be sharing his toys this season, but not with me.
An alternate view of how Dean broke in Hell, and how Cas came to find him. Because I SERIOUSLY doubt a lot of Zachariah's and Michael's plan, and believe that their was a LOT of personal interpretation of the 'facts' by those two. They seem like the type to twist things into fitting their own means.

This is also the second time I've written this - so there's a little less love this time around, as I was pretty pissed at LJ. Sorry..
Song title from Spartan,by FiF


"Get out of my brother!" He yelled, trying to push away from the chair he was being held down in. )

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