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Story Ideas:
prompts i've been tossing around in my head for a while... If they give you inspiration, let me know.. most will be San/Zo-centric

attempted once.. would like to re-write
> Mihawk falls in battle ( the most un-worthy of deaths/defeats - not sure if killing him is what i want, but at least maiming him to the point his career is over) making Zoro the greatest by default...

> Strawhats are captured, and part of the crew is chibified. the catch - the man with the devils fruit power that can do such a thing - is a pedophile. Likes to chibi nami, ussop and zoro, and a partial chibi on robin

> High school AU, because I'm a sucker for them. Sanji playing of the varsity soccer team, and zoro come to watch his game. he feel awkward for coming, so he stands off to the side, away from the crowd. when the fans rush the field after the win, he goes to leave, and sanji spots his as he walks away.

> Street AU, Kuina is the 'boss' of a raggy group of orphans on the back streets of a big city. Zoro, JonYos, human(?)Chopper and Rika/Rita (can't remmebr her name) are part of her group. Shanks is a nice man, tough poor in his own rights, who opens his home up to orphans and run aways. D's, coby, Ussp, nami live there. Sanji is an orphan living in the attic of a restaurant. Robin is a high school student. Vivi and kaya also to be mentioned.

> Strawhats get captured. Nami awakens last, and notices that while they are loosely guarded, Sanji and zoro are not present. Ussop explains the position they are in: they are free to go, but Zo and San must stay. Sanji made the mistake of letting this tribe know that he was a great cook, world renown, and they want him to cook for them. Nami doesn't quiet understand. Ussop explains farther. This tribe - they are cannables.

>Sanji's captured, and after a tense showdown, his captee mutilates his hands. followup on the crew

>Sanji finds a beaten, raped woman lying naked in a puddle, down a dark alley. Out of respect, he won't look at her face/body as he wraps her in his jacket, and tasks her to chopper.... So why does the little scars on her ankles seem SO familiar? .. AN: will NOT be a romance fic, but a gender/identity realization/crisis featuring mostly san and Zo

> another capture idea! the bounty hunter begin to learn, and take them seriously. with zoro's arms, and sanji's legs broken, there's not alot of options left... but what happens to the crew when they find out someone's cashed in on the bounty?

writen once.. would like to re-write
> I love the idea of future divorced!Sanji with kids, and jobless!Zoro as their new babysitter.... no romance - showdown between tashigi and zoro - but tashigi with wado and zoro with Sandai

> strawhats as animals! (always a favoite) really want to do a short piece with sanji as a duck, and zoro as a shark... but something uber dorky.. like a pet store shark (only one i can think of right now is the Rainbow Shark) Might do as art work instead....

>Anyone watch mythbusters? specifically the episodes where they where testing different ammo to shoot out of a cannon on Mr. Pirate Pig? Yeah.... remember the tightly packed knives, and then the repeat test with the nails?  Apply that to One Piece... i think 'balloons,' kicks, and blades might be at a slight disadvantage to thousands of flying metal shrapnel flying at you

SanZo Art

Feb. 1st, 2009 12:49 am
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So... i have internet again ^_^

very happy about that..... to celebrate - i have a picture to share!

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Well, my roommate's decided to take her computer back XP - so i'm gonna be with out internet and programs until when every the tech guy gets around to helping me. So, while I'm transferring my stuff off her hard-drive, I decided to scan some of my doujinshi. These are dedicated to [ profile] onepieceyaoi  After all the help they gave me in restoring my FanArt Collection (really, there's only one picture that i'm still missing that I can remember from before that I haven't found again) the least I can do for them is to break some spines!

Part One
Artist: Hi-Boy
Rated: G
26 Pages

front coverfront cover


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Part Two

Mar. 13th, 2008 12:45 am
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Part Two
Artist: Hi-Boy
Rated: G
39 Pages


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just two little blah's that I've done...
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Dated: July 2007
Genre: uh.. Alternate Reality?
Rating: PG-13.? - R later on...
Pairing: None yet
Disclaimer: .... yeah - One Piece would be a lot shorter if i owned it...
Warnings: this isn't even what i was planning on writing today! i mean it was.. i just didn't plan on this part being so long! i was sitting down to type out what happens .. after the end! i didn't even get to what i was going to type about....
Blame: not really her fault persay, but all blame goes to luco_millian again, and her happy wonderful spam posts last week.... the muse has once again been conceived because of her :P

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oh man... now you can see why i spent far too much time in the counselor's office during my high school days... damn nosy teachers... it's because of stuff like this that i had to learn how to write backwards to avoid disturbing those who'd casually glance my way.

Universe: One piece
Word Count: 1771
Dated: Jun. 2007
Genre: Death and maybe a *little* gory...
Rating: PG-13... no - maybe closer to R....
Pairing: None
Disclaimer: .... yeah - One Piece would be a lot shorter if i owned it...
Warnings: Death.. the guy sitting next to as i type had to raise an eyebrow in response to the detail i kept trying to add..
Oh god.. it's 4 damn pages!!! it wasn't suppose to be this long, really...
Despite the fact it sounds like there will be more to it - there will not.  this is all I'm going to write for this ... I can't writing anymore without killing it...
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Recently onepieceyaoi has had a near flood of all things fox!sanji and tiger!zoro.. and i resisted temptation.. but then the wonderful luco-millian posted this and i could resist no more.... Click for Pic )
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Universe: One Piece
Characters: Usopp, Zoro - take it how you want
Word Count: 520
Dated: feb 2007
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Oh, how I wish i did
Warnings: er.. dunno what caused this... Usopp muses over the scar Buggy gave Zoro. I know the buggy mark was more from stupidness and not paying attention.. but us opp didn't know that. This has no point.. it's in my little note book, a collection of pointless rambles to distract myself from boring classes.

He knew Zoro had scars, but it never occurred to him how many the other man had until now, as he lay staring at the man's mangled skin.
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Universe: One piece
Characters: Straw-hat crew, focus on Zoro
Word Count: -
Dated: Jan. 2007
Genre: hurt comfort?
Rating: ... um R to Pg15?
Pairing: I wouldn't give it any definite pairings
Disclaimer: thank the good Lord above that One Piece isn't mine, yeah?
Warnings: non-con referenced
This is story that will show you that there is really something wrong with my head.... This started as a story about rape... Even though it ended up being a story about a bath.... I dunno.. I just became totally fixated on that..
there is no robin in here.. Because I’m not sure I can write robin, to be honest. Not that I’m claiming to be able to write any of them, but robin remains a mystery.... And Zoro might just be a wee bit OOC..... yeah.. .. and Sanji might be too quiet here...
And forgive me for my lack of real medical knowledge.


   Three days of treading ocean water. 

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Characters: Kuina, Sanji, Zoro, Nami, Luffy
Word Count: 3817
Dated: Dec. 2006
Warnings: more of a boring narrative, a set up if i were to ever write anymore, which i doubt i will.... the background between kuina and roronoa. This takes place some undetermined amount of time after the first part.

Part one

And on my way back to my room that night… I slipped. And I fell. And then I died. )

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Universe: One piece
Characters: Kuina, Sanji, Zoro
Word Count: 1203
Dated: Dec. 2006
Genre: AU medieval.ish...
Rating: G i suppose?
Pairing: I wouldn't give it any definite pairings
Disclaimer: I can't draw comics... and currently, i'm failing my animation classes.... do you THINK there's any way on God's Green Earth that One Piece could be mine? No.
Warnings: another permanently incomplete story, beware as i brutally murder the english language. two parts, because i did have fun writing the first drabble, and wanted to add more.... Not really a 'medieval' story, but it was having more the feel of that than anything else. that.. and i doubt medieval persons would be using japanese honourifics..

/Probably looking for an okay to speak its mind, no doubt./ The Prince mused. /At least it’s well trained; I’ll give Her Lady that at least./ )

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Image drawn Oct 9, 2006
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AU Animal!Crew Story - R || Part two
Written July 2007
A world of humans, and animal-cross breeds, with the crew scattered out in all races

Untitled Death Fic - PG13 -
This is mostly likely my best piece! If you can't decide what to read, read this one!
Written Jun 2007
Whole crew, with focus on Sanji and Zoro. As the 'title' tells you, this is a death fic.

Scar Thoughts
Apr. 9th, 2007
Usopp muses over the scar Buggy gave Zoro

First Story
Written Jan. 2007
Chopper and Zoro are lost at sea - and Zoro has to make a deal with scum Marines to ensure Chopper's safely

November 18, 2006
It's cold. It's too cold to hurt anymore. Sanji and Zoro.

Medieval AU Part 1 and Part 2

Dec. 2006
the Prince meets Lady Kuina and her Swordsman; Lady Kuina tells them of her death

Unwritten Ideas

Alive in Sleep

September 21, 2006
Kuina and Zoro

Frozen Sketch

Oct 9, 2006
Illustration that inspired short drabble

Frozen Coloured

 November 18, 2006
Coloured Illustration for a short drabble.

Chibi Chopper

 January 25, 2007
TonyTony Chopper as a Human wunderkin


May 18, 2007
Kitties Sanji and Zoro


May. 22nd, 2007
Sanji's tail just makes the perfect pillow


January 18, 2008
sanji as a mer from my own stories

Coloured Scan
January 18, 2008
Coloured image from a doujinshi I have
February 01, 2009
Sanji and Zoro.
Never What I Wanted
October 22, 2009
Kuina and Zoro
 Happy Halloween X-Over

October 31, 2009
One Piece Represented


Seattle, WA April 1-4th


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