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Author: Sentra04
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R
Characters:  Sam, Dean
Pairing: Gen
Warning: I haven't decided yet when in the timeline this takes place.... Let's get though the hiatus and then maybe season 7.... I'm still struggling on where i want to have this in Leviathan world or not.

Disclaimer and Notes:First time crossposting on DW and LJ... *fingers-crossed* Since this is just an intro, i dont' want to give anything away yet but telling what the story is very loosely based off of.
The dog's breed was hard to pick.. I was almost going to go with an elkhound or bear dog from europe... but i know the akita breed better so i went with what i knew. Maybe, as it goes, you will disagree, but that what i went with. Title will be explained later on.

Even years later, Sam still remembers that first day. Not the night before... But that following day.

He and Dean where investigating what they where pretty sure where witches. There'd been a string of disappearances, but otherwise, no connection. Sam still doesn't know what they did do that night, just remembers waking up feeling like he'd been hit with a two-by-four.

Oh. And he was naked.

It that only started the list of things that where so very wrong.

His clothes where *gone,* although his wallet and phone had been dropped on his duffel. The covers on his bed where messed, but not from him sleeping under them. No, apparently he'd crashed out, completely naked, on top of the comforter.

And while digging though his bag for new clothes - seriously, he'd liked the shirt he'd been wearing so where'd it go? And where the HELL was his brother?! - he heard a whimper come from under the bed frame.

Too many things have jumped out at him in the past, and Sam carefully pulled the knife from the bottom on the back before easing up the bottom on the cover from the floor.

While it could still be demonic (or rabid) - it appeared to be a dog under his bed. It didn't look particularly scared.. more sad if anything. "Uh... Hey there.. Where'd you come from?"

The dog whined a little, crawling forward but still out of reach, even if Sam wanted to risk his hand. It had a tan and white face, just a hint of brown.

Sam glanced around the room,, and feeling a little stupid he looked under the bed again. "Okay, I'm gonna put some pants on, and then lets figure out where you came from, kay?"

And figure out what the hell is going on ... 

He pulls out cloths, throwing them on as he dials Dean's cell on his phone. He's zipping his pants when 'Smoke on the water' chimes from the bathroom.

"Dean? You pass out in there or something?" Please, don't let him have fallen..

Dean's dirty clothes (dirty and burned and bloody) are scattered on the floor, along with his wallet and phone. And with a knot in his stomach, Sam spies his brother's jewelery in the mix. Watch and rings and...


The dog was crawled out from under the bed, but when Sam comes tearing back into the room, it skitters back to it's hiding spot.

Sam's pulling the phone up, flipping it open. What ever plan he'd had formed dies when he spots the date. He scrambled for Dean's phone. the displays are the same.

It's 2 in the afternoon.... And a month has passed.

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