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He should of been suspicious as a kid. Dean showed no latent abilities of any kind growing up, and that should of been all the red flags Sam needed. Sam, who'd been starting fires since he was crawling. Dad, who'd been hauling loads of dirt off graves with his mind as long as Sam could recall. There was a lot of potential in their family - Dean would tell him stories about Mom turning their backyard into a new maze everyday - so that Dean didn't show any signs of any power... it should of been something to strike Sam's curiosity.

Maybe it was because he knew his ability to create fire was because of blood poisoning, it was a stain on his family, that he didn't question when Dean never developed anything of his own.

It just because another thing that made his family weird. And since the fire thing was weird, he just pretended it was genetic at school. That he and Dean where both duds.

And Dad's ... colleagues would look at him like Mom's death was his fault when they found out he could control fire. Sometimes they believed Dad's story of the demon. But regardless... They always sneered down at Sam.

He hated not being normal - but at least Dean was not normal with him.

.... until things changed.

Well - at least until Sam noticed that things had changed. When a little boy who didn't talk was dragged under water. When he and Dean and dove in, and swam, and swam, and swam, and couldn't reach him.

Until Dean dove down on his own and pulled Lucas up all on his own. The little boy had been under the water for far to long, but surfaced gasping for air - not a drop of water in his lungs. Like he'd been under for only a few seconds instead of minutes. And Dean just shrugged.

Little weird things like that started popping up with Dean and water. Sam even shot his brother once. At the very least, the fall into those freezing waters should of been an infection scare, but it healed with not a single complication. Dean didn't even catch the sniffles.

And then...


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