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John and Derrik went way back. War buddies and all. Winchester and Wesson. The two of them rounded out the end of their crew when overseas. Parted as best buds when they both managed to live through the jungles.

And when John's every attempt to woo the Cambell's only daughter failed somewhat miserably, he sold his hippie-van back to the dealer he got it from - emptied his bank account on the sleek black beast still soaking the sun - and drove halfway 'cross the country to crash on Derrik Wesson's couch for the next five years.

Winchester and Wesson. Their very own Cassidy and Sundance.They even stumbled upon their very own Etta Place. Derrik and the lovely Sara White married in mid '78 when she found out she was pregnant with Wesson child. John was their best man. And in that cold January winter to follow, John became an uncle to Jeffrey Dean Wesson.

Early May of '83 made him an uncle again this time to Samuel Smithin Wesson (Derrick wanted to name him Colt Smithin' Wesson, but Sara refused. It was John who thought of the compromise, Colt being honoured by his first name instead. Sara thought they were ridiculous, but relented.)

Life was good for their strangle little family. For a little while.

Just a few weeks shy of Jeffrey Dean's 5th birthday, John and Derrik had been goofing off in the garage, tuning up John's Impala, when Derrik's boy's came down the steps. JD was holding baby Sam, his little arms struggling under the seven month old's squirming body.

John heard the squeak of the stairs first, pushing away from his car, "Hey Deano," he grinned, knowing the kid hated that nickname, "You know you're not supposta take those steps on your own."

Instead of the usual pout and huff, and the whine of 'Uncle~ JOHN~!' the boy sniffed, and continued to carefully make his way down the steps.

Derrik pushed away from the car this time too, looking at his son in concern. "JD? What's up, kiddo? Whatcha bringing Sammy down here for, huh?"

AN: JD is not actually named after JDM. I used John Dean for AU Dean in a different fic (That i never got around to finishing) and I jsut couldn't recycle the name in this case - seeing that Derrik is his dad, and not John. Jeffery was the name of one of my neighbors growing up - and i thought Jeffery Dean had a nice ring too it.

It was only after typing this all up did i realize why. So,... maybe sub-consciously I did.. But it was an awesome accident


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