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Emllapimoa are bred for speed and agility. There are the messengers, able to cross continents in a fraction of the time that it would take any other creature. There are the fastest creatures on the planets. The fastest. And the weakest.

Large, land-locked Avian-like beasts, with long hollow bones and massive horns. Their wings are to sort to fly, but are used instead to maintain balance at such high speeds. Females stand nearly 12 feet tall, and weigh in at nearly 400 pounds. Their eggs are less than 6 inches long, and breeders are careful to incubate only the eggs weighing in under 3 pounds.

Heavy eggs produce heavy emllapimoas. Heavy and slow. They are recycled for food or health products. Shells are good for jewellery and mixing in clays and cements.

But in the central countries - citizens are poor and hungry. Heavy eggs that are fertilized make great meat birds, and many families survive by tending such flocks.

The Winchester's where not shepards. But after the lady of the house was murdered, the family hid in the hills, and the widower took to raising the beasts to feed his children.

His oldest can tell you every stat about their oldest mount. The egg was nearly a foot long, weighted a staggering 8 pounds. While it would of made a great feast - when John found it at a market in one of the near-by towns, it had already started to form. The man selling it was keeping it heated and warm - had intended to hatch it and sell it to one of the feederies for other larger game - when he got in a bit of legal trouble. He sold the whole cart to John - egg included.

It was his oldest son, Dean, who made the discovery - and snuck the egg out of sight to try hatch it in the coals of the kitchen. John discovered the soot-charred egg a few days before hatching, and after sobs for his otherwise well mannered child, he took the egg out to be raised by their flock.

Impala was one of the very few successful hatching that year, and she was quick to eat her way into being their largest bird. John thought of her as their best success, and wondered about how she'd breed.

Dean saw her as his dearest friend. She hadn't the speed that made emllapimoas so valuable, but Dean didn't care. When her looked at her - even when she was a little chick smaller than him - she was a powerhouse. Unstoppable. Mighty. A beautiful thing. He adored her with the same love and passion he did his little brother Samuel, and the three became joined as one. As such, the three little ones got adopted into John's emllapimoas flock, and if anyone outside their little family thought it strange, they wisely kept from saying such in John Winchester's presence.

Eventually, they grew up, but Dean and Impala remained joined at the hip. And since it took Dean until his twenties to stop shadowing his little brother - it was no surprise that Impala tended to mother the youngest well into his teens.

Sadly, life can't remain too idealic for too long. Sam left their nomatic life to settle down in a large city by the river. Then, Wars broke out across the four continents, and even so hidden from the shores - fighting found their hills too. John - once a solider himself - slipped off in the night to fight. Fires turned to hills to ashes, and Dean could only set the flock loose - hoping that the beast could find their own way in the smoke.

Impala carried him out.
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