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sam gets accepted to sanford. family fights. sam says something degrading to dean ( something along the lines of dean dropping out and beinf studip - but its gotta really hurt)

Dad gets in sams face - tells him if he wants to leave that bad- he better go. and he better not come back.

Dean shuts down. sleeps in the back of hte car. john sits oin the door well, talking to dean. asks him if her wants john to stay out there or leave him alone for a bit. Dean (near tears) send him away. john assures him thathe doesn't think dean's stupid. he let dean quit school becuase he was just as tired of the teachers and stupents and their (wrong) oppionions of deana ns dean was. remind dean that if he didn't think dean was smart he wouldn't have mad dean get his GED. maybe talks about how proud (never uses that word though) he is of how hard dean works at things - as opposed to how everything come to sam second natured.

leaves dean to sleep in peace. dean wakes un in the monrning to find john sleeping in the font seat.

((end of one shot - coninues on as begining of AU ))

-season 1 manning colroADO Elkins (up the canyon) [5 shots]
-season 5 - what year of sammy's schooling did brady get possesed? (middle of sophmore year) note - demon!brady hooks sam and jess up
-season 4 - pamela eppies - bobby knows one - (4 hours down the intersatate) couple hours of of poniac, illinois.
- beggings comic - sububus

Dean desides if sammy wants his apple -pie life, that he's gonna do everything in his power to make it happen. studies john's journal between hunts, and starts collecting his own information. starts making trips (sometimes with dad, some times on his own [john makes trips without dean sometimes too]) to start laying down wards and protections. talks with pastor jim have him thinking about some of the monsters in hiw own apst - and he starts looking for a medium with hunter attachments

gets in touch with pamela and they dive into his memories of the succubus, and of the night of the fire.

( pamala barnes - very headstrong )

bounces ideas of john ([via phone] does't tell him its about mom) and they both think demon. john doesn't want dean doing this alone, but admits his short commings in demon lore. tellsls dean to meat up with him for a hunt in nebraska. werewolf.

afterwords, john hands over the impala keys. shows dean his truck. tells dean there's a man in s dakota that'll know demons, but john's not going to be welcome.

tall dean that he doesn't face this thing alone. talls him to chec in when he gets there. dean asks he does the sAMe. john chuckles. promises to try.

dean drives out to singer's. bobby teaches him everything that he knows.

maybe works beifly with walker - hears elkins name dropped

middle (or late) of sophmore year - dean (on one of his check uos in sam) sets out d-traps all over pala-alto closest to the school and sam's apartment (and sam's new girlfriend. dean may have baught her a [holy water alced] drink at a party, just to be sure) cauches 'brady' in on of his traps. without back-up, and afraid it'll run off and let the cat-out-of the bag, dean calls john for help, and bobby walks him though a binding spell over the phone. john takes demon!brady to bobby's while dean rushes to met elkins (known though john) to beg him for help.

(journal - D.Elkins 570-555-0150
salt rinds inside door
dates back tot he 60's
'he wa a goos man - he taught me a hell of a lot about huntung.' -john. had a fall out
'he had itt he whole time'
Vampires [thought to be extincted.]
no fear of luther - knows what the colt is
John - complete faith in dean in DMB )

elkin's laughs. tells dean that without even a name, he's keepin' the gun.

starting to get desperate, dean does something monumentally stupid (this is dean) and he summons a crossraods demon. yellow-eyes name, and a loop-hole free promise that if dean kills it, nothing goes after sammy, or his friends (sans the hellhounds ganking dean)
10 years or the name - but 5 years for the gaunetee.

if DEAN kills yelloweyes, then sammy will never again be botheres by anything otherworldly or supernatural. No demons. No paypack. that deal holds, just there are no loop holes for dean either. he can't leave hell.

He goes to elkins. tells him what he knows. Elkins shakes his head. calls him a stupid sunnabitch and hands over the colt.

Dean rushes the colt back to bobby's - puts a bullet in brady as a test run. [4 shots] Jim, Bobby John and dean summon Azalzae (sp?!) him, meg and what-his-name all show up. fight ensures. meg end up in one of the d-traps. Dean tags w.h.n. [3 shots] when it pins down john. YE gets control of the situation, dean loose the gun and john starts swearing up a storm. YE start posuring, mocks that if dean dies via the gun - he doesn't have a soul TO send to hell, and it's open season on sammies. He shoots dean [2 shots] but the shots not clean, misses the heart, but still will be a faitle shot.

stuggles renew. YE and meg celebrate. jim knocks YE off balance with some wonderfully paster charm (dunno what yet) badly hurt dean (sparks and skeleton lighting up) wrangles the gun. Shot misses. [1 shot] John goes for the gun, ready to make the shot with bobby stops him. Deal was DEAN had to kill YE for sam to be safe. YE looks PISSED someone reemmebered thai detail, and John, closed dying dean hand around the gun, and together they shoot YE. [empty]

john freaks. they can't stop the colts power. Meg taugnts them from her trap.

bulbs expolose, windows shatter. black man in suit walks into the room. looks disgusted at being there. no bedside manner, he pushes the hunters away, and sticks his HAND intot he bullet wound. whispered low voices unaitible over Dean's screams. Man swears, but the bullets comes out. "Can't fix what's already gone. But this way - time lines back on track."

Bullet falls to the floor, and man vanashes with a ripple of air.

there is no feeling in his arm - wont ever be again, dark veining already branching out from the bullet hole.

dean calls sammy up (late birthday) they chat for a few.

john and dean hunt (low key) sam enjoys school. Dean dates a girl in ohio for a bit.

dean gets himsefl in a bit of hurrican trouble in '05, john hunts a white lady. afterwords, two meet up in colorado - hunt a wendigo. Sam passes his interviews. Lake monsters, demon planes adn mirrors behind them, sam calls to say a friend in st. luois might have something up their ally. John and dean tell same to stay in cali, and they check it out. sam sees his brother's wanted, but beccy calls him to tell him that the news is wrong. her brother saved them.

Shortly after dean and john have a run in with a pagen scarcrow god, sam proposses to jessica.

Joshua calls john with a faith healer that might be legit as they wrap up a rawhead hunt - wants confirmation. Dean interviews one of the healed - layla. the boys stop sue ellen.

they hunts tick off. John and dean deal with some human monsters, a tulpa, and and a shtriga as jess and sam make plans and set a date. paper tells of a death in colorado, and john and Dean race off - hoping to find out that the paper was wrong. They get wind of the vampires, and theirs a face off.

Luther and Dean come to terms, Luther tightens Kate's leash, and lets his food go. John's pissed, but minds his tounge.

Wedding in May of '06. John and dean are there. one of sam's buddies is his best man. Sam looks at dean's busted arm in annoyance. (doesn't know it;s a permant injure, jsut thinks that it's from a recent hunt)

Hunts continue. Jessica gets pregnate. Baby's due in late '07. Dean and john decide to self up home base in southern cali. Sam tells them the hunts have to stop. they can't bring that stuff around if they want to be part of sam's new family.

Dean told john that woul dbe a good idea for him - retire. john asks if dean plans to stick around. Dean tells him that it wouldn't be a good idea.

There's a lot of head butting between sam and john - but jessica's good about breaking it it. john makes an offhand comment how alike she is to dean in that regard.

late april, john leaves without much of a word, and meets up with dean.

hours before the deadline - dean slips away from jim, bobby and john. they don't find his body for three more days. ripped to ribbions. thraot adn theigh stashed - chest ripped open. Nothing missing. the police are called in - and dean is leagally pronounced dead

with no real body left or mary's - john cant burn his son too - and they bury his body in what was supposta be john's plot next to mary's headstone

may 2nd '08 sam gets a phone call from dean early in the moment. the message left is a tearful (maybe druck? sam things) dean wishing his brother happy birthday. if he bothered to run a evp on it - he'd be able to hear the hounds.

((end of part two))

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