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Series: Supernatural
Rating: G
Pairing: none
Timeline: WAY AU. WAY WAY AU. Part of a bigger idea.

Disclaimer: Kripke might be sharing his sandbox this season, but i'd probably still be shot for trespassing.

Roy stepped carefully, mindful of the game of tag being played though his kitchen. He stepped quick as to not jostle the tray of cups he was carrying to the counter. The heavy doors to the street opened, and he turned to greet his new comers. Little Sam and Dean shone out like a beacon, warm and familiar. The older heart - heavy and lonely - was a new comer, and Roy set his tray down to  properly greet the man.

"Boys. Nice to see you both again. Go ahead and get yourselves something to eat." Sam did as told, Dean hesitating at the man side, before following his brother. Roy turned his attention to his guest. "Reverend Roy LaGrange."

The man shook his hand, strong, steady. "John Winchester."

"Well, Mr. Winchester, welcome. We got all you can eat, here, and If you're needing a fresh change of clothes, we got those too." He guided the lost lamb to his table, adding to his mismatched flock.

Sam sat contently at the stranger's left, a flurry of movement and Dean was up and pulling a chair out for him, guiding Roy to the open seat on Winchester's right side.

"Let the Lord bless this food, tonight, " He started, leading the group into a short prayer. Then, he sat, Dean helping scoot him to the table, guiding his hands to his utensils, before returning to his seat with between Kate and Sam.



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