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 She's quite for a long moment, studing in that way that makes his skin crawl - he didn't realise until jsut then that Cas didn't creep him out like that anymore - before she finally speaks again.

"Gabriel died for you this time around. I wanted to see for myself what was going on."

The statement came out all wrong, and Dean glared crossly at his drink. "You keep speaking in riddles, and I'm walking away. Not even free booze is worth his headache."

"Gabriel and I where once the quides of humanity's last savoir. When he died, Gabriel stayed behind. In much like hoiw Castiel stays for you."

"You got your charge killed, huh."

"He was ment to die. Only Gabriel counldn't accept that."

There was a sadness in her voice, a deep dispar that most angels couldn't pull off.

"You didn't accept it very well either."

"I stop to the side and let my charge be drug away. I watched as his was tried and sentanced to death. And as his blood fell to the earth, i begged him to let me step in - but he refused. But - i did not take matteres into my own, and i let him die.

"The plan was Just."

"So - are you made that Cas isn't doing the same, or - "

"No, no, no. Castiel is your guide - and only God know the outcome. Castiel must follow his own faith on this. Despite what Zacharia feels, only Castiel, and you, have any choise in this outcome.

"He thinks you must be sachrifced, like before. Castiel disagrees. More importantly, you disagree." She took his hand then, and he wanted to recoil, but he remain stone-faced. "The Christ-child was the lamb. No one else could have done what he did - and no one esle's death can ever be as powerful as him. But also - remmerb this - he chose his fate. It was not forced upon him, nor was he coierced into his decition. This is what my brothers - both fallen and in Heaven - don't understand. Coiercion might  allow an angel into human flesh - but it will never end things the way Father has planned. Any attempts with fail and only give momention to the Adversay.

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